Medical Professionals Ponder This!

This Interesting Story About HealthCare Ruling for Texas can Promote Problems For Medical Professionals Looking For Practice Financing!

Medical professionals pondering Supreme Court health care ruling …

"Except for cities like Lubbock, Amarillo and Midland-Odessa, the vast terrain of West Texas isn't going to be helped by the Supreme Court's decision on the ……/medical-professionals-pondering-supre…"

“There is a unique situation for West Texas and rural America that something like the Affordable Care Act doesn’t address. What everybody talks about with the Affordable Care Act is making suHe explained, “The Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center’s catchment area for the state is 108 counties, which is 49 percent of the state’s geography. So, our area of coverage out here that we’re responsible for is larger than 46 out of 50 states in the United States. We have 54 counties in West Texas that don’t have enough people living there to be considered rural. They’re still called frontier that everybody has insurance coverage. And having insurance coverage in West Texas does not mean having access to care.”

Medical Professionals


So times are changing here in the US and the government might want to start using the correct part of their brains on this one.  With any type of medical practice acquisition financing this might make things harder for medical professionals!